Our boutique in Grenada
is a shopping delight
and very hard to leave

You will find our boutique in the historic district of St. George's, where the architecture is centuries old. We are on Young Street, the street that connects the Carenage town to the Market side of town. This magic place is just a short walk up the hill from the Market and the picturesque Carenage.

After peering through the large street level windows of a more than 200 year old building, enter our boutique through a kabu kali wood door, where you find a touch from way back: exposed sections of the old brick wall create an eye catching backdrop to showcase our fantastic batik creations. The boutique is housed in an old fish monger house, one of the first buildings in St. George's, built by the English over 250 years ago. Its beams, bricks and fish scale roof tiles were brought from England in the 1700's as ballast on the big buccaneer ships.

Here you will see wearable art in this little boutique in a way you've never seen before. The exuberant colours of the tropics wrap around you, enchanting you with captivating equatorial splendor. The hand painted batik clothing, unique accessories and jewellery will delight you. With gift items and batik art tucked into many nooks and crannies, air conditioning, jazzy music, and light filtering through the windows where a rootsie tree draws a shadow on the wall, it's a cool and quirky shopping atmosphere.

Our boutique where we sell, and our batik workshop where we make everything, are under one roof. *It's just so exciting* that the 'engine room' (that's how we call the batik work studio) is now open to visitors and you can peek behind the scene, and tour the batik studio. Friendly salespeople in the boutique show you the Art Fabrik selection of batik wearable art and accessories, Caribbean jewellery and other carefully selected presents to buy for friends and family. And then if you wish to visit the batik studio, they will escort you through a beautiful arched entrance in a nostalgic courtyard where you can see the batik process of dying and beautiful batik fabrics hanging in the tropical breeze. Up the stairs, you come to the beating heart of the batik studio, where you will be amazed by the creative processes of our production. Your eyes have never ever seen such a quirky place where batik is made - designed – tested – created – traced – waxed – dyed – boiled out – and hung to dry in the Caribbean sun.

Our customers from all over the globe love our boutique and batik workshop, and are fans of our selection of award winning Grenadian batik and unique Caribbean style craft-creations. We ship your order to you wherever you are.

P.S. Grenada is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, the second smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere (after St. Kitts and Nevis). It belongs to the Windward Islands. St. George's, the capital city, surrounds the Carenage, one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. Find out more about Grenada at *www.grenadagrenadines.com*.

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Batik boutique on Young Street
Old brick wall & arty iron gate
Our mascot «Dillidalli»
Hand dyed batik textiles
Enchanting, quirky interior
1920's Young Street, photo courtesy of Alice McIntyre

Art Fabrik Grenada

Young Street
P.O. Box 507
St. George's
Grenada, West Indies
tel/fax 473-440-0568

We will always remember the 7th September 2004 when Hurricane Ivan devastated Grenada. Our island had a new look. The hills and valleys were covered with galvanised metal pieces. Tornados and windpower of 160mph just powered the roofs off into the air like toys. Flying objects wrapped themselves around any obstacle that they chose as a landing place. Grenada was 'galvanised' by Ivan. We survived with the help of our friends. Unbelieveable. To see photos of Grenada after Ivan go to: www.picturesofgrenada.com

Galvanised by Ivan
Local craft items and batik